Hike with huskies


600 SEK per person incl. VAT

Day schedule

Arrival at Svansele Wilderness Center with own transportation.
The guide welcomes you and explains the setup. You start the activity next to the Skellefte River, 30 meters across from the wilderness exhibition.

You will then get to take care of the dogs: pet them, cuddle with them, and prepare them. They love affection! Here, you'll create a beautiful and genuine bond with your four-legged friend and your partner for the day.

The dog guide will demonstrate and explain how to prepare them and the activity. You will prepare the dog with a working harness, equip yourself with a special belt, and a shock-absorbing line that will help you walk comfortably together.

Hike along the river
Now you're becoming a real team with the dog!
Wander through Svansele's pine forest and along the Skellefte River with your four-legged partner. Now you're becoming a real team with the dog!

Wilderness exhibition
Afterward, you continue our experience through Sweden's largest wilderness exhibition and wildlife collection with the nature guide.

Experience our game meat buffet
Lunch is cooked outdoors, over an open fire, and served outside.
Our famous Wilderness Plank (game buffet): game plank with shredded moose, reindeer, rainbow trout fillet, homemade jam, local and organic vegetables, accompaniments, drinks, forest coffee, and tea.

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