Svansele Wilderness Center.

Here you can read more about us and who we are and get to know us who work here.
Maybe you want to know more about our history before your visit with us?
Here you can also immerse yourself in the company and the group.

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The Svansele family

We at Svansele Wilderness Center want to have a family feeling. With us, you should be able to come and be taken care of, feel safe and above all have fun.

We all have different personalities but everyone stands up for each other and guests can always feel welcome.

If you want to read more about us and get to know us before your visit, you are welcome to read more here.
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What has happened over the years

Our history

Svansele Wilderness Center has over 25 years of experience in the tourism industry and is constantly evolving to be able to fulfill all guests’ needs and dreams.

In 2018, Svansele changed owners and the old era is still there and the fire will continue to burn. Read more about the milestones and the story of how Svansele became today.

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Svansele Wilderness center

Read more about the constellation and the group of companies that Svansele is part of. The company is constantly developing and the group is growing. The group aims to develop the countryside and works actively to make the town, Jörn, a center for tourism.

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