Our family.

Here you can read more about us and who we are and get to know us who work here.

Together with the staff, we want to create a family feeling and that this should be reflected back so that the guests get a good and convivial feeling.


Jenny is Vilhelmina's happiest girl and runs Svansele Wilderness Center together with her partner Daniel. Jenny is probably the basis of Svansele's family feeling and always has an eye on us in the staff, partner and their two children. Jenny has a newfound love for her new beekeeping and aims to show her honey products to you in Svansele. Hope soon!
She warmly welcomes you already in the first phone call or email and she more than happy to hear what you thought about your visit. Your booking is in the right hands. Jenny is our “go to” person as we prepare for your booking.


Arnaud was also born and raised in France and with the family has decided to move to Svansele to run a dog sled company, Lapland Emotions. He has been running Lapland Emotions with Marilene for 7 years and has been focusing heavily on French guests and has 22 dogs for dog sledding.

The dogs are nice, kind and likes hugging. They all have thier own character and they are all happy in different ways. Arnaud has a trained the dogs well and even the scared one will dare go in to the dogs.


Marilene was born and raised in France and with family has decided to move to Svansele to run a dog sled company. For a few years she has helped us with everything from cooking, cleaning and guided tours but today she is the person who makes sure that everything is in order for your visit to be the best.
Together with Arnaud, she also has 22 dogs for dog sledding. Even there, everything is in order and nicely arranged to have a cozy moment with the dogs or an exciting tour with the dogs.
Marilene speaks French, Swedish, English and German and always finds a way to communicate with the guests and more than happy to use her happy body language.


Thomas was born and raised in Svansele. He is the founder's brother and has seen every stone behind every tree in the entire Svansele forest.
He has several years of experience as a carpenter. Thomas is the person who can build anything to maximize our guests' experiences. He can fix most things.
He is a dear family friend and forms a large part of the family feeling we have in Svansele. Thomas wants all the guests to feel good and you can see and hear in every expression that he cares for real.


Daniel is basically a snowmobiling musician from Dorotea, Sweden, and has toured with the band. That life was partly replaced when Daniel and his family decided to buy a ski resort outside Jörn, the Storklinta ski resort. The music continues to live in Daniel and he still records music with his various bands. In 2018, he became the owner of the Svansele Wilderness Center and works daily to develop so that everyone will feel that they want to come to us. Daniel is also a partner with Jenny who together runs the Svansele Wilderness Center
Daniel has been sitting on a snowmobile since he was a child and has a long experience of not getting stuck. He can bring newcomers or the experienced and make everyone feel that they have had the adventure of their lives.
He also has a background in food and catering, hence he becomes the Chef in Svansele and can combine everything from a luxurious three course to the best outdoor lunch.


Jonathan was born in Västerås, but since childhood has taken all school holidays to go up to Swedish Lapland to work in the tourism industry. Especially as a guide for fly fishing but also in wilderness experiences such as snowmobiling, snowshoeing and ice fishing.
Jonathan also has education within tourism with a wilderness-based leadership education in the US and with a bachelor's degree in tourism at Umeå University.
Jonathan's interest and background in food goes well with Daniel, together they can make a menu that suits you.
He loves meeting new people and would like to know everything about the guest coming. He likes to listen to your stories.