This is Svansele.

Here you can immerse yourself in the company and the group.

Svansele Vildmakscenter changed owners in 2018.Svansele has always been family-owned and again this time Daniel and his family have taken on the role of running Svansele, but under new constellations and under a group

What is


Svansele Vildmakscenter changed owners in 2018. The new owner of Svansele is Daniel Petterson who will run it together with the co-owners Jenny Bergqvist and Örjan Berglund. Daniel is already the owner of Storklinta Ski Center.

The previous owner Thorbjörn Holmlund has during his years in Svansele made a big impression and leaves a life’s work behind. Thorbjörn’s life’s work will live on but under new direction. We are convinced that Daniel and staff will keep the fire alive and try to leave as good an impression as Thorbjörn. Guests should feel the same pride and security to come now.


Who is


Svansele has always been family-owned and even this time Daniel and his family have taken on the role of running Svansele under the family’s wings. It is an important part in that it feels fun to work here and that the guests get a genuine feeling.

The staff in Svansele, led by Daniel, always have the family idea in mind and when there is a lot to do, you stand up for each other. As a guest, you are free to ask how the new ownership is and what the constellation looks like. Although the amount of new fun projects we have within the group.

This is


The constellation with Storklinta ski center and Svansele became a group that works to develop the countryside and with Jörn as the focus. After this, various facilities such as the bathhouse in Jörn and some other ongoing projects have come under Storklinta’s Group. Among other things, hotel and apartment construction in Jörn. The goal is to make Jörn an attractive place to live with new jobs and a flourishing tourism.