Before your visit

What clothes do I need?

We have lots of clothing and equipment of all sizes for all our activities. Therefore, you do not need to pack thick jackets and boots for the winter activity. We also have soft clothes that are more suitable for summer activities. This is because we need to know that you are properly dressed and you do not have to tear on your clothes. However, if you want to use your own equipment or clothes, the staff will go through so that everything is suitable for the activity.

Where do we meet?

We meet almost always in our wilderness exhibition regardless of activity. That is where we have change, cabinets and all vehicles. If you did not hear anything else or if you requested something different, we will meet at the exhibition.

Do I need a snowmobile driver's license or other driving license to drive your vehicles?

When you go with us, no customized driving license is required for our specific vehicles, only ordinary driving licenses apply. All guides have the valid driving licenses.

I have food allergy, what can we do?

We adapt our food daily to allergies, cultural adaptations and your own wishes. Just say well in advance we can arrange most things.

Where is the luggage when I sleep at one of your wilderness facilities?

It is possible to lock your packing in our cabinets at our wilderness exhibition. If you want a smaller bag with your own personal stuff, just ask us and we will bring it.

Will we see moose?

We do not guarantee that you will see moose or other animals when it comes to wildlife. But we see good chances that you will see different animals and our guests usually get to see the moose.

Can I book and cancel?

The booking request should be made at least one week before to guarantee a booking.

0 – 3 days before: 100% payment

4 – 10 days before: 50 % payment

 Exceptions are made in special situations so do not hesitate to call if problems arise

Is there a shower and WC in your wilderness facilities?

No, there are only showers and WCs in our hotels and apartments. There are outdoor shed at our wilderness facilities. On our wilderness facilities there is no running water or electricity, except for a smaller electricity plant in Önusstugan.