Cookie Policy.

At Svansele Wilderness Center, we use cookies to improve your experience, to collect information for our marketing and to be able to develop the websites.


Cookies are text files that are stored on your computer or mobile device when you visit a web page. Cookies are used partly to facilitate the use of a website by e.g. remember your choices and preferences and partly to develop the website and analyze your behavior. Some functions do not work without cookies. Svansele Vildmarkscenter may use different tags such as various electronic images and scripts such as allows a web page to count the number of visitors to the page.

How we use cookies.

On our websites, we use cookies to improve your experience, to collect information for our marketing and to be able to develop the website.


User experience
We also use cookies to remember what you have written in e.g. search and booking forms so that you can navigate the website without having to enter this information again each time you change pages, and to e.g. decide which language the page should be displayed in for different users. We also use cookies to optimize the speed of the website.


We use cookies to be able to customize offers and advertising at Svansele Wilderness Center, based on your activity on the website. Such cookies can e.g. be used to select target group-controlled advertising or otherwise tailor the pages you get to see through advertising and customized content, so-called personation. We also use cookies in competition forms and customer surveys. In this way, you as a visitor do not have to get up, for example, the same survey every time you enter the website.


Web development
We use cookies to compile anonymous, aggregated web statistics that enable us to understand how visitors use our website and help us improve the structure and content of our website.

Management of cookies in your browser.

You have the ability to prevent cookies from being stored on your computer and can change the settings in your browser at any time. You can then choose to block all cookies or only certain cookies. You can also delete persistent cookies that have been stored on your device at any time. If you choose not to allow the use of cookies from Svansele Vildmarkscenter, this may mean that certain services cannot be used or that the website does not work correctly in all respects.

Personal information in Cookies.

It may happen that Svansele Vildmarkscenter collects and processes certain personal data using cookies. For this handling, ours applies Privacy Policy.

More information.

More information regarding cookies is available on the Swedish Post and Telecom Agency’s website.