Svansele Wildernesscenter now offer dog sledding.

We can now offer dog sledding tours

As of the autumn, the dog sledding company Lappland Emotions is part of the same group as Svansele Wilderness Center. This means that we in Svansele will offer dog sledding tours and everything that goes with it. Many have asked for dog sleds and we are so proud and happy that we can now offer this.

Lappland Emotions is a company based in Svanfors which is located about 5km from Svansele. Arnaud and Mari-Line run it together. They moved from France with family to realize the dream of working with dogs in Swedish Lapland.

There are currently 26 dogs and they are mostly Greenland dogs but also some Alaskan huskies. The dogs are incredibly kind and all have a specific character. The funny, the happy, the shy and the quirky. It is a fantastic experience to visit the dog farm and see how happy and kind they are. Arnaud and Mari-Line have worked hard with every single dog so that all guests can feel safe with the dogs. Even the dog-scared dares to enter the kennels.

We will be able to take in booking requests for the winter already now. If you have a dream about this, you are more than welcome to describe your dream adventure and we will see what you can arrange. We will also be able to offer shorter trips to be able to “try on”. Likewise, we will offer packaged experience weeks as well as weekends with dog sleds included. you will find this under Booking experience .
If you are going to book dog sledding trips with us, there are a few things to keep in mind and that is that the dogs need rest days. The dogs’ mood goes first and during the high season the dogs rest on certain specific days.

Contact us if you have questions or want to realize your dream with dog sledding- Contact us

Read more about Lappland Emotions on their website Lappland Emotions

It feels so incredibly fun that we can now offer our guests this and we hope that many feel we are growing so fast. Follow our development on social media and here on the website.
All the best for so long and we look forward to meeting you on the dog team!
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